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Wellness retreat for your Body & Soul

A 3-Day Wellness Retreat for Body, Soul, and Spirit

Aquaviva IV at Parohe Island Resort

Experience the ultimate wellness retreat at our luxurious 5-star accommodation. Indulge in rejuvenating infusions, soothing massages, and medication in the lap of nature. Our inspiring talks will motivate and energize you towards a healthier lifestyle.

​Choose from three different programs that cater to your specific wellness needs or opt for our tailor-made program that addresses your preexisting medical conditions.

Discover Aquaviva's Island Retreat

Activity based wellness retreats, includes daily yoga classes, a workshop, and access to picturesque hiking trails, land and water activities, and wellness facilities. There’s always something wonderful to do on our luxurious grounds.

Relax. Recover. Rejuvenate.

Choose a Retreat

  • The Rejuvenation Program
    The Rejuvenation Program
    Revitalize your energy and experience a renewed sense of well-being with our tailored rejuvenation program.
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